Announcing new partnership with Shopgate - the leading mobile commerce platform.

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We are proud to announce our new partnership with Shopgate providing our clients with state-of-the-art omnichannel commerce solutions for customer-centric retailers.

With the Shopgate suite of modern commerce solutions we enable you to drive in-store traffic, lift revenue, and create the ultimate customer experience. Easily integrate a mobile shopping app, clienteling and omnichannel fulfillment onto your eCommerce platform or OMS.

Have a closer look at the powerful tools:

ENGAGE | MOBILE APP Increase revenue and customer retention with a powerful mobile app that lets consumers shop when and where they want.

RELATE | CLIENTELING Equip store associates to create and deliver the ultimate in-store customer experience that lifts sales and builds customer loyalty.

DELIVER | FULFILLMENT Increase your in-store traffic by turning your stores into highly efficient fulfillment centers that allow your customer to pick up and return products at their convenience.

To reduce total cost of ownership and to ensure fast time to market all solutions are powered by Shopgate Connect. Connect integrates and optimizes the data for Engage, Relate, and Deliver to create a unified retail experience across all customer touchpoints.

(The following information originally appeared on the the Shopgate blog January 3, 2019)

Enable Omnichannel Retailing with the Power of BOPIS and BORIS Offering fulfillment options delivers a convenient shopping experience and creates more upselling opportunities for retailers

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Now more than ever, it’s important for retailers to deliver products to the hands of the consumer where and when they want them. Shoppers want choice and flexibility in how they want their orders fulfilled, and they want to be able to complete their purchases and also make returns quickly and efficiently. In a recent Fisher study, 90% of online shoppers surveyed stated that high shipping fees and home delivery that takes longer than two days will likely prevent them from completing the purchase online.

In order to meet their demands, retailers are adopting the buy online, pick up in-store model (BOPIS) and the buy online, return in-store model (BORIS) to compete against Amazon and effectively utilize their physical stores as hubs for fulfillment—ultimately placing the product in the hands of the consumer at a much faster rate. Shopgate’s omnichannel survey demonstrates that 61% of surveyed retailers say BOPIS and BORIS are at the top of their omnichannel plans and investments.

Retailers are understanding the importance of enabling these fulfillment options to eliminate the pains of shipping and processing, but what do they need to do to ensure they deliver a seamless purchase and returns experience?

Optimize the Purchasing Process

When it comes to BOPIS, it’s important for retailers to create convenience by enabling customers to complete online purchases in-app, simultaneously selecting the time and store location to pick-up purchased products. They can take it one step further by facilitating the ability for customers to drive up to the store location and pick up purchased products without ever leaving their car. Consumers are crunched for time more than ever before. But, giving shoppers a more seamless experience that allows them to easily purchase products and pick them up the same day, at their convenience, will go a long way in creating lasting consumer loyalty.

Take the Hassle Out of Returns

There is no getting around the fact that consumers are likely to return some of the items purchased online in the store. While retailers often fret during the returns process, creating an easy returns and exchange process for consumers with a BORIS strategy can not only up-level the customer experience, but also create opportunities to upsell. For example, through an in-app BORIS program, shoppers can easily access their purchase history, in-app receipts and simplify the return or exchange process at the customer service counter or self-service kiosk by easily scanning a QR code to receive a refund or exchange an item for a different one. As consumers journey to the store to return a product, this is an opportunity for them to browse inventory and discover new products they may not have thought of purchasing before.

In addition to making the returns process easy, utilizing the power of the mobile app in-store to offer customers a discount on a similar product category or send a push notification highlighting a new product line will continue to drive an elevated customer experience. Think of the returns process as a critical touchpoint to take advantage of consumers heightened attention to create an opportunity to re-engage and upsell. By utilizing the power of push notifications, retailers can create an additional path to purchase experience that increases revenue and boosts shopper retention.

Deliver Omnichannel Fulfillment with Shopgate

Shopgate’s omnichannel fulfillment solutions give retailers the ability to offer consumers multiple ways to fulfill orders, driving in-store traffic and increasing revenue. With the tools offered by Shopgate, consumers can pick which items they want immediately, and which items are worth waiting for, creating even more convenience for your customers.