Linx-IT Solutions

Linx IT is a leading developer of the enterprise digital asset management system (DAM), AssetFlow, the innovative solution for creation of artwork adaptions AdFlow and the e-commerce photo management solution Phomas.


Have your product images online when stock arrives. Present the most realistic results, reducing returns and disappointed clients. Give your studio management team the asset management tools to order photography, connect photographers and retouch studios, use an online approval and comment solution and have a system generate all required image versions to be able to maintain your online store. This is what Phomas offers you!

Phomas is the world’s first Photo Shoot Management System, specifically developed to manage large quantity product photography and give the studio management the tools to monitor the process in real time! Works with Capture One.

All you need to feed your online store!

Recurring clients are satisfied clients. Presenting them the best photorealistic images in your online store significantly reduces the chance of returns. This saves costs and leads to satisfied clients!

With that in mind, we developed Phomas. The world’s first photo shoot management system. Optimized to process large quantities of product photography in a limited time frame. Offering 24/7 insights to the photo studio management, connecting photographers and retouchers and providing you with a smart, automated delivery system.

Phomas Copy integrates seamlessly with Phomas. Phomas Copy allows copywriters to create copy in their native language according to the content strategy. When the copy is approved, copywriters for local markets can translate it for other markets. All controlled and monitored by you.

The daily operations of an online store also include adding banners, imagery and other inspirational content. The template-driven artwork designers of AdFlow and the enterprise Digital Asset Management System AssetFlow complete the modules available for Ecomware, the suite for your daily online store operations.


ProductionFlow, is an online studio track & trace solution. Give your local markets and external partners options to brief your studio via an online form. This ensures that all required information to start the work is available. It enables selection of campaign images and uploading of own logos or images.

For specific order types (online vs print), different forms can be offered. When a form has been filled in, your producer will be notified. And when you have a larger team, everybody can pick the requests with highest priority directly from a list. This even supports teams working on external locations or freelancers!

With ProductionFlow, you can easily monitor progress and make sure all your deadlines are met!


The enterprise digital asset management application AssetFlow is your central asset library. It allows you to share content, to let teams across the world work together and to give users the tools to download those marketing materials matching your brand guidelines at any time.

AssetFlow allows you to store and share brand materials like logos, brand elements, typefaces and guidelines as well as campaign images and videos, product imagery and all kind of manuals and guidelines. The unique smart image crop tool offers users an option to enter the dimensions of their image request and AssetFlow will show all results matching your design guidelines automatically.

The smart conversion tools allow you to pre-define conversion options for output. This can be sRGB for online use, CMYK for US, Asian or European markets and in all resolutions required.

Assets can easily be grouped as parent-child and distributed in one go. The shopping cart allows you to share orders with external people giving you feedback when they have downloaded the materials sent.


AdFlow is the template driven artwork creation application that can be hosted in all three suites.

AdFlow supports Adobe Indesign templates and the smart designers allows your users to create artwork that matches your design guidelines exactly. The iDesigners support smart cropping and auto-scaling, allowing your users to request artwork in the exact dimensions they need.

The smart conversion feature creates artwork for specific media so the look and feel across different media is similar. You don’t need to involve prepress agencies to get an optimized result! This saves time and money!