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Deliver a personal touch at scale with the world's leading AI-powered personalization platform for digital commerce and retail.

Personalize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Reconnect with your customers through personalized triggered emails.

Increase Your Sales by Personalizing Emails

Using the power of our AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine, recommend highly relevant products via dynamic content across a variety of transactional emails: such as order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails to help convert indecisive customers, and “We Miss You” emails to re-engage customers who have not visited your online store in some time.

Did you know?

Personalized, triggered emails generate an average $4.56 revenue per email sent.

Personalized Newsletters Regardless of Your ESP

Boost relevancy of your email marketing by adding a personalized recommendation to your newsletters.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Dispatch abandoned cart reminders to re-engage shoppers who have left items behind.

Transactional Emails

Apice up transactional emails - such as 'order received', 'order sent' with personalized recommendations.

'We Miss You' Emails

Automate re-acquisition campaigns with order follow-up and 'we Miss You' emails to customers at risk.