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Deliver a personal touch at scale with the world's leading AI-powered personalization platform for digital commerce and retail.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Strengthen your social media strategy with personalized, dynamic Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Increase Your Sales by Attracting New Customers and Re-targeting Visitors

Nosto’s Segments & Insights, powered by our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine, takes your personalized, dynamic Facebook and Instagram Ads to the next level. Instead of building audiences manually and based on guesswork, unleash the power of AI and machine learning to target the exact customer groups who are more likely to convert and easier to nurture into loyal customers.

What’s best: Nosto’s one-click integration with Facebook sets up the Facebook pixel to your site - including standard events for ecommerce - and automates the product catalog upload and continuous sync between your product inventory on the site. Instead of figuring out technical hurdles, use the time to get creative with your dynamic product ads.

Did you know?

We see an average 10-12x return on ad spend for campaigns launched using Nosto.

Segmentation & Insights for Re-Targeting

Go beyond tradition al customer re-targeting by using segments to create highly accurate target audiences.

Segmentation & Insights for Prospecting

Create highly accurate lookalike audiences based on buying affinities, CLV, buying frequency and more.

Customer Retargeting

Start re-targeting instantly without worrying about creating audiences, product catalogs and product sets.

Optimized Product Sets for Prospecting Ads

We automatically create multiple variations of best-selling and related products for your prospecting ads.

Custom Facebook Campaigns Builder

Target different interest groups and maximize the impact with our intuitive campaign builder.